If you find this article, it’s because you probably, like me, get stuck at how to do it. You probably found a lot of documentations about kubernetes jobs but you want something a bit different.

  1. First Step, with just one database

I will show here a way to backup and restore mongo database from a kubernete pod. First thing first, make sure to launch your project or so (database) and make sure then when you do the command below it display the list of pod currently running.

kubectl get pods

Once you verified that let’s see how backup a single…

When you build a microservice architecture, whenever on premise or in the cloud, you are confronted at one point to the persistence of your data. Kubernetes is a great solution regarding microservices and container solution, handling both stateless and stateful application. In this article let’s see more in detail how we can handle with more fiability the persistence of our stateful applications in a kubernetes cluster.

If i say kubernetes, you will automatically think about deployments as the way of managing your pods and replicas. But when we have to handle persistence, this is not the only solution, and actually…

kubernetes backup
kubernetes backup

In this article i am going to show you how to create a cron job step by step to backups multiples mongoDB databases into GCS (Google Cloud Storage).

Let’s suppose that you currently run a cluster with several database deployments. This tutorial apply for mongoDb databases, but if you understand the purpose of how we do it, you could very well apply it for other type of databases.

Also we are going to use GCS, but this could also very well work with S3 instead with few changes.

ClusterRole and ClusterRoleBinding

The first thing we will need to define in our manifest is…

Architecture — A product now accessible to all

The architecture is a flourishing field in recent years, thanks to the contribution of computer programs and designs. They have completely changed the game and an architect is at the heart of a radical change: these programs such as AutoCAD or Revit allows you to work from 10 to 50 times faster than before.

Nevertheless, architecture remains behind in comparison to other types of businesses. Indeed, it hardly takes advantage of the Internet boom of the past 10 years. The architecture is a luxury that is reserved for the elite. To change…

Erwan Riou

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